Finding the right gift for that special woman can be pretty challenging. The gift has to fit their personality and have sentimental value, and that is why jewelry often seems to be the go-to option. Even then, finding something that truly speaks to them can be difficult because of the vast array of options available.

Choosing to go with a piece of jewelry like a birthstone necklace could be a good option. This type of jewelry is something that can elicit sentiment and give the necklace that little something special needed to set a gift apart from the standard jewelry the woman has received in the past. So here we are going to look at some of the best birthstone necklaces on the market today. Without further ado, let's get right into it.

Birthstone Necklaces Reviews

Engraved Heart Necklace with 3 Birthstones

The first necklace we are going to look at is a uniquely designed heart-shaped necklace that is perfect for those looking for a Mother's Day gift or birthday gift for the women in their lives.


The engraved heart necklace is fitted with three separate stones that can be chosen to match special birthdays. Along with this, the design allows for customization to include the names of these particular individuals. The necklace itself is crafted in high-quality sterling silver and is finished with a platinum plating. The heart measures 0.8 inches x 0.9 inches and weighs 0.11 ounces. Overall in length, you will find it coming in at 16 inches.

A lot makes this necklace stand out, including the high-quality craftsmanship used to mold the sterling silver into a necklace with a unique aesthetic. With the addition of being able to personalize it, this truly makes it a perfect gift for just about anybody. On top of this, the birthstones that can be chosen from are all Swarovski gems and stones, so the person looking for a gift can rest assured that the stones will last for quite a while.

Though the customization is a fantastic feature of this wonderful heart necklace, it also comes with some limitations. When choosing the font for the engravings, there is a limited selection which decreases the level of customization available to the buyer.

Along with this, the fact that there is only space for three names and birthstones may not work for those in need of more space. For those looking for a gift for someone with more than three children or siblings, this could be quite a problem and may mean they need to look at one of the other options. But if this is not an issue, then going with this necklace will definitely be a good choice.


  • Crafted with high-quality sterling silver that looks beautiful
  • Can be personalized with kids names or those you love
  • Unique yet simple design that elevates its aesthetic
  • Birthstones are provided by Swarovski

    Personalized Three Heart Birthstone Necklace for Her Sterling Silver



    The next necklace offers a three-heart birthstone option that can be customized with the names of children or siblings.


    This necklace is crafted in 925 sterling silver to ensure durability and is finished with a platinum plating to enhance that even further. Designed in a slender frame to make it more delicate, this necklace can be easily outfitted with three birthstones as well as engraved with three names and measures 16 inches long. The necklace is lightweight as well, coming in at just 0.1 ounces.

    It is designed in a slimmer frame than some of the other options, making it slightly more of a delicate style. For those that are looking for a stylish yet unique aesthetic, this necklace could be an excellent option for a gift. The necklace is durable and will lend a very special sentiment to whoever you are gifting it to.

    This necklace offers a high level of personalization where you can use your own personal wording to engrave it. That being said, there are only a few options when it comes to the engravings, and that could detract a bit from the sentiment behind the gift. When choosing the engravings, you are only able to pick from three different fonts, which may not be enough of a personalization for the individual looking to gift this necklace to the influential women in their life.

    Also, for those with a longer neck or shorter neck, the length of the necklace might be an issue, and this could be a factor in looking at other options. Though by no means does the individual buying the necklace have to stay with the chain that comes with it, so this may be something that can be fixed with a bit of extra investment.


    • Designed with a slim and delicate pendant
    • Stylish and unique design that looks amazing
    • Finished with platinum plating for more durability
    • Crafted with high quality 925 sterling silver

      Engraved Heart Necklace with 4 Birthstones



      The engraved heart necklace with four birthstones is an excellent option for those that prefer a golden-hued metal as opposed to the sterling silver of the other options. On top of this, this is a larger model, which makes it excellent for those with a larger family.


      This necklace is crafted with a gold-tinted sterling silver that has been finished with a platinum plate. The design itself is crafted in a heart shape and hangs from a 16-inch chain. The addition of a fourth name and birthstone gives the pendant a larger blueprint but a heightened level of customization.

      For the woman that requires having enough space to engrave four names as well as a house for birthstones, this necklace is a good fit. No matter if they decide to go with the names or the birth dates of these individuals, the elegance and luxury of the necklace will not only give them a wonderful trinket full of memories but a stylish option to add to any outfit.

      The gold color may be preferential for some, but even with the gold finish, the necklace itself is durable thanks to the core of the piece being crafted with a premium grade sterling silver. That being said, there are a couple of things that may cause individuals to reconsider making this the final choice when it comes to giving their gifts.

      Because of the additional birthstone and space needed for the etching, the pendant itself is much heavier than other options. Along with this, some have found that the length of the chain itself is a touch too long. Both of these issues, though, are not universal and can easily be remedied by either choosing another option or changing the length of the necklace.


      • Able to fit four different birthstones
      • Can customize it with four different dates/ names
      • Designed with a classic gold color
      • The core of the necklace is crafted in high-quality silver

        Birthstone Three Heart Mother's Necklace, Engraved 3 Name Necklace for Her Gold



        If someone is looking for a more delicate design for a birthstone necklace, then this three-heart mother's necklace, which can be engraved with three separate names, could be a spectacular option.


        This interlocking heart-shaped necklace has enough space for three separate birthstones and three customizable engravings. Designed with a golden tone, the necklace is crafted with high-quality sterling silver and is platinum-plated as well. With this unique design, you will find that the pendant hangs on a 16-inch chain and weighs in altogether at 0.25 ounces.

        No matter what the occasion is, this necklace is crafted to be a show stopper. Designed with a wider pendant, each heart is able to hold one stone at the very top of the design. That, coupled with the ability to add engraved names and dates on the hearts themselves, gives this delicate and feminine necklace even more of an amazing look.

        Along with that, the necklace can be purchased in a gift package set that comes with other pieces that are housed within a beautifully designed box set. Though many will find the unique design very aesthetically pleasing, those looking for an even more delicate and smaller design might choose to go another route.

        The fact the three hearts are interlinked width-wise makes it a wider necklace. With this also comes extra weight, which may be bothersome. Also, if the person that is meant to receive the gift is not someone who is fond of gold, then going with this option would not work out very well. However, if neither of these issues factors into the final decision, anyone receiving this as a gift for that special day will be very happy.


        • Design is unique and adorable; looks great on anyone
        • Personalization makes it a great option for any special occasion
        • A delicate and very feminine aesthetic
        • Able to be purchased in a gift package set

          Birthstone Russian Four Ring Necklace Engraved 4 Name Necklace, Silver



          For those that are shopping for a gift that is not the standard heart shape but still want the symbology of being linked together forever, this Russian four-ring birthstone necklace offers all of that and so much more.


          Choose the birthstones for four different special people in someone's life and find a unique way to give a true symbol of love. By being able to personalize this necklace with four different individual names and stones, the necklace is not only sentimental but unique. The necklace is crafted in 925 sterling silver and is fitted on a 16-inch chain. Due to the extra thickness of the main pendant, the unit does weigh more than other options as it tips the scale at 0.15 ounces.

          The necklace allows for a sentimental gift that is still stylish. But just because there is the option doesn't mean that the gift giver has to add engraving. In fact, the necklace is perfectly designed to simply add the birthstones and leave the rings free of any engravings.

          The unit itself is crafted in high-quality silver, which gives it an elegant look, but even with this, there are still a few issues that should be addressed before a final decision is made. Because of the design, though unique and a perfect gift for some individuals, the pendant itself is rather thick.

          This thickness could make some feel a little less feminine than other options. When it comes to the rings themselves, there is not a variation when it comes to sizing. The purchaser will only have the ability to choose from two different sizes, and this could lead to less versatility and customization.


          • Sentimental yet stylish design that most people will love
          • Materials used in the necklace are of the highest quality
          • Able to be engraved or left with just birthstones
          • Every necklace is unique because it is handcrafted

            Final Verdict

            Choosing to go with something that is personalized will always elevate the gift to a different level than a run-of-the-mill store-bought piece of jewelry. By adding in birthstones and engravings, this gift is theirs and theirs alone, and that is worth any price.

            The options we looked at above are some of the best birthstone necklaces you can find. They are crafted with high-quality materials and elegantly designed to give them a one-of-a-kind look. Among them are multiple options, so that finding the perfect fit for the woman's style and preferences is a sure thing.