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In each of us, there is one or a few particularly important people in our hearts. Perhaps your lover, maybe your family. Our heart is like a house filled with love, filled with flowers. Our hearts need to be carefully laid out, because we can make our favorite people happy inside. Like INEFFABLESS name necklace – Your Name In My Heart Personalized Name Necklace allows you to put the name of a loved one inside. You can choose silver, rose gold, gold. You can design two people’s own name on this 925 sterling silver heart necklace. It could be the name of two of your favorite people, be the name of you and your sweetheart, you and your mother’s name, you and your sister’s name.
This full of love design necklace so that love surrounded by the names of the most loved ones. Let us wear on the body everyday. You must feel very warm, you must feel very strong, because they are with you.
Love is the eternal symbol of mankind, the best symbol of love. Because this is love, the symbol of human beings different from other species. This two names love necklace is our well-designed for you, it is a symbol of love. Like we have been pursuing: INEFFABLESS -Moment of Forever …

Your Name In My Heart Personalized Name Necklace 925 Sterling Silver

Your Name In My Heart Personalized Name Necklace 18K Gold Plated

Personalize Jewelry – Keep Your Memories

Jewelry is more than just a woman’s ornament, it sometimes contains memories. For example, INEFFABLESS name necklace. You can design and design any text yourself. Can be your favorite person, can be the special meaning of the word. When you design, we will always save this memory for you in your own design name necklace above. Because our name necklace is made of 925 sterling silver, as long as you save carefully, he will always be with you.
Our memory is divided into a variety of joy, pain, helplessness. But no matter what kind of memory, time is all for us. Finally, only love, our love for mom, our love for dad, our love for our friends, our love for our partners and our children. I think only jewelry and women can be so intimate. Only jewelry can save these memories.
We know how important this memory is for you, so we try our best to create and produce the perfect personalized jewelry for these beautiful memories. Our mission is to make your memory – Moment of Forever …

Infinity Name Necklace

Home is the most important for each of us. It would be a very happy affair to have a necklace to put the name of the family on top of it every day, two name necklace the three name necklace and the four name necklace of Ineffabless will do. Each infinity name necklace has three colors, silver, rose gold, gold.

3 Name Necklace
3 Name Necklace

Love is the eternal topic, if you can make the name of a loved one as a necklace, worn on your body every day, when you encounter difficulties, you will feel the love of you who have been with you by your side, Will give you endless power. After all, life is not always happy, there will be pain and difficulty, but as long as there is a family, we will be without fear.

4 Name Necklace
4 Name Necklace

Our infinity name necklace is a personalized necklace that you can design for yourself. You can play your own creativity. Because we’re tired of stereotyped jewelry, on our site, you can create unique jewelry that belongs only to yours.

2 Name Necklace
2 Name Necklace